About started in april 2003 as a hobby project by three dudes; Viktor Holmlund, Majid Farad and Fredrik Carlsson. The reason for starting was that the swedish foundation managing the .SE domain opened up registrations for private persons and we thought it would be a fun idea to start a swedish NetBSD community.
In the begining (2003-06-18) we offered an anoncvs and cvsweb service hosted at the University of Stockholm, on a dual Pentium 200MHz. During that time our web site was hosted on a shared server sponsored by Alphix Telecom AB, and during september that same year we got our first own server (named Core) as donated by Eagle Computing Örnsköldsvik. This Sun SparcStation 5 was hosted at Alphix Telecom AB as well.
In september that year the webpage/community page took form (2003-09-XX). About the same time as we moved our website to our own server we also moved the anoncvs service from Stockholm University to Eagle Computing Örnsköldsvik, and this time hosted on a Fujitsu Team Server (1x200MHz/256MB/10GB). The services offered so far was anoncvs/cvsweb/ntp and a mail forwarding service. Majid left the team sometime during the fall 2003.

We were very productive and enthusiastic during 2003 and in november that year we wrote the first version (2003-12-XX) of over a weekend (quality was not our main concern back then). In january 2004 (2004-01-XX) we launched on a shared web server hosted in Fredrik's appartment (we still have to live with some of the design flaws of the database in the archive today :-( ).
2004 was a intensive year for and a lot of things happend, our own mascot (He has no name) was born and drawn by Viktor Svantesson, it was later modified to match's new design with a flag in his hands. During 2004-01 to 2004-06 we started and, Emil Hessman and Mikael Höjdh joined the team, we also got our first dedicated database server (named Frost, a P-III/500MHz/700MB/80GB) donated as spare parts by various persons. This machine was hosted by Alphix Telecom AB, and at last a redesign of took place (2004-06-XX).
In augusti 2004 we had our first real crash on the new database server, in which we lost about 150,000 mails due to a disk failure and as a result of this we installed a raid-set on the server (2x120GB Raidframe). At this time our primary logo was this. On the fall of 2004 (2004-XX-XX) as well as (2004-XX-XX) got new designs, though perhaps not the most graceful ones :-)

In december 2003 our second big crisis happend, namely that our hosting provider at the time informed us that they where to shut down the co-location department... This was of course a big problem for us and we had about one month to find a new hosting provider. After numerous requests we finally got a positive response from the hosting provider and ISP Port80 (later Rix|Port80 AB and today Phonera AB). We were very happy about this and in january 2005 the move to Port80 was initiated.
During the move we replaced our old Sun SS5 with a new PC (named Nova, an AMD Tbird 800MHz/512MB/80GB) donated by friends and colleagues. At this time the server Frost was refreshed with new hardware (AMD Sempron 2.5GHz/2GB/80+2x120GB). We also got in touch with Inserve Technology during january 2005 and they donated a Sun Enterprise 450 (named Jorden, a 4x250MHz/2GB with looots of small disks) to our hosting providers big annoyance (this beast weighted 106kg) but it was a perfect database server and at the time running bleeding edge Solaris 10. In march 2005 we refreshed our cvs-server with a Sun Netra 105 (named cvsburken, a 1x440MHz Ultrasparc/256MB/18GB).
Nothing more exciting happened during the summer of 2005. We started a mailinglist service that reached a total of 50 messages before we shut it down, our servers was moved to a new hosting facility at Port80 AB, got a new design (october 2006) and this is the design that we use today. In june this year our faithful Andreas Pettersson joined the team.

In december 2005 (there is something with december and us, all bad news comes in december :-( ), the computer association that hosted our cvs services announced it was going to terminate the society due to housing problems. This was of course bad news as the cvs service is what we started with back in the summer of 2003.
The first months of 2006 passed without anything worth mentioning. The summer started with us applying for funding from the swedish foundation for internet infrastructure, IIS, with the purpose of developing the swedish NetBSD community (the funding was for 80,000 SEK, around $11,500 USD). To our big surprise the foundation liked our application and granted us the funding and now the big task of planning the work started, what we should buy and so on. The fundation project was due to start 2007-01-01 and to last for a year during which we were required to send monthly reports of our progress. got its current design during the fall of 2006 (2006-09-XX). This year Emil Hessman and Mikael Höjdh left the team and Tobias Åström joined. Our database server Jordern (Sun E450) was becoming too slow for us and after numerous disk failures and after installing a failing EMC JBOD disk array (if you understand swedish you can read more here) we put out an call for help (2006-10) to buy a new database server. It was very encouraging to see that so many came to our aid and asked about our problems as well as asking if they could help us. Thanks to this, in october 2006 we installed Tellus, a Dell PowerEdge 1800 (2x3GHz/2GB/80GB+4x250GB) and decommisioned Jorden.

More information about the funding from IIS can be found below (in Swedish):

2007-01-01, a big year for, we put the orders for our new server park as follows:

Dis (replaced Nova):

  • Dell Poweredge SC1425
  • Xeon 2.8GHz/2MB 800FSB
  • 1GB memory
  • 2x160GB disk

Frost (replaced Zorn):

  • Dell Poweredge 2950
  • 2 x Intel Xeon 5120 (4 cores)
  • 4GB memory
  • 4x400GB + 2x500GB disk

Nixon (new cvs server):
Same as Frost but with 6GB memory and SAS 15k rpm disks.

2007-03-23 was the big day when we installed the machines, and we are kind of lucky because the server Zorn crashed in february 2007 leaving us with a mail queue of several hundered thousand mails (Zorn was the archiving machine). Nixon that is hosting our cvs environment got itself a new home at Lysator which is a computer assosiation based at the University of Linköping.

Leo R. Lundgren joined the team i august 2007. From the beginning of 2007 until today nothing big has happened, We have been developing our cvs services in order to be able to handle more projects (adding more disk to Nixon), Tobias Åström left the team in january 2008 and moved from MySQL to a PostgreSQL backend in september 2008. in numbers as of 2008-10-05:

  • Total Storage: 6,000GB
  • Number of physical web pages: > 650
  • Hosting locations: 3
  • Size of databases: > 205GB
  • Pages in databases: > 1,000,000,000
  • Anoncvs connections: ~ 300,000

We would like to thank all the people that made what is is today! Please see our sponsor page.

And the future?

We are a little older (perhaps even wiser?) today and all of us have jobs, so the spare time is not what it was back in 2003-2004, but as long as we think is a fun project and people continues to use it we will continue to develop it.


Cvsburken version 1 hosted at Eagle computing:

Cvsburken version 2 hosted at Eagle computing:

The webfarm in 2005, from the disk array and down, zorn, nova, jorden:

The webfarm in 2006, zorn, nova, tellus:

The webfarm today, frost, dis, tellus:

Nixon, the file distribution department: