Contributions over the years

Phonera provided us with co-location and bandwidth for our servers.

Internet Infrastructure Foundation awarded us 80,000 SEK (as of writing approximately $11,500 USD) from .SE's Internet Fund in 2006. The money was used to purchase new hardware, enabling us to continue providing free and well used services such as CVS repositories and pkgsrc frontends. This project started in January 2007 and ended December 2007.

Loopia AB assisted us with a much needed financial aid that made is possible for us to upgrade one of our database servers.

GMQ Consulting AB provides us with co-location.

Lysator (The University of Linköping) provides us with co-location and bandwidth for our CVS services.

EG Display & System sponsored us with storage (2 x 750GB).

Inserve Technology AB donated an Sun E450, that was our main database server for a long time.

Lennondata donated an EMC DAE disk array and 4x18GB FC-disk.

Alphix Telecom AB was our main co-location provider from September 2003 to January 2005.

Eagle Computing/Aktiv Ungdom Örnsköldsvik
  • Co-location and server for the old CVS service
  • Web server - Sun SparcStaion 5 (170MHz/96MB/2GB).

Other important contributions:

Viktor Svantesson is the artist behind our lovely mascot.

During the years many people have contributed to make what it is today, e.g. A great thank you to all of you!